Where does the money go?

Project 1:
Purchase test equipment for DNA and blood tests

The first project that the foundation intends to support is that of Prof. AJ Gelderblom of the LUMC. This research is partly funded by Novartis. The research is conducted in cooperation with four other GIST-centres in the Netherlands and the laboratory determinations take place at the LUMC.

Prof. dr. A.J. Gelderblom
Prof. dr. A.J. Gelderblom
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The money from the Foundation is intended to perform DNA and blood tests by the LUMC. The research should lead to the determination of the genetic variants that may help predict the effectiveness and side effects of potential drugs for GIST.

The study requires a minimum of € 60,000. Your contribution is highly appreciated!
The Foundation also wishes to support other scientific research related to GIST. With the help from specialists of the field the foundation will deem where and how the contribution can best be deployed.